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Hankook tyres

Hankook Tyres H308 Widetread

Hankook H308

Kinergy EX is the combination of technology and design that offers drivers impressive vehicle fuel efficiency and outstanding performance.

Hankook H426 Widetread

Hankook H426

The Optimo H426 is outstanding in all aspects including quiet driving, smooth ride, grip, improved fuel economy and snow performance.

Hankook Tyres H452 Widetread

Hankook H452

Ventus S1 noble2 is premium ultra-high performance all-season tyre developed for drivers of sports cars seeking a comfortable driving.

Hankook Tyres H-57

Hankook H457

Dynamic and technical tread design offers excellent handling performance to drivers who pursue their own style and uniqueness.

Hankook Tyres K107 Widetread Tyres

Hankook H724

The Optimo H724 scores high in customer satisfaction ratings and features better handling, reduced noise levels and superb comfort.

Hankook Tyres K110 Widetread

Hankook K107

The ventus S1 evo is a luxury premium tyre that provides both comfort and performance.

Hankook K115 Widetread Tyres

Hankook K115

Ventus Prime2’s cutting edge technology provides passengers with exceptional wet and dry grip.

Hankook K406

Hankook K117

The Ventus S1 evo2 is a premium performance tyre that provides precise, controlled cornering at high-speeds. An environmentally friendly performance is also achieved through a minimised rolling resistance and optimal profile implementation.

Hankook K415

Hankook K125

High comfort demands combined with attractive performance characteristics were achieved during the development of the Prime³ by optimising a series of components. Thus, for example, the lightweight yet sturdy carcass makes safe handling of the premium tyre possible even with a sporty driving style, while the high-grip silica compound means excellent results in terms of wet grip for the EU label.

Hankook K424 Widetread Tyres

Hankook K406

The Optimo K406 provides optimum handling and high driving comfort by newly developed silica tread compound. Also, it is delivering excellent wet traction and low rolling resistance, fuel consumption.

Hankook K425 Widetread Ferntree Gully

Hankook K415

A summer tyre for small and medium-sized vehicles, the Optimo K415 allows you to drive wet roads in greater comfort and safety with specially designed patterns and HSG technology applied.

Hankook K715 widetread tyres

Hankook K425

With the revolutionary technology of nano-scale silica particles, the Kinergy Eco provides superb fuel efficiency and wet braking performance.

Hankook K415

Hankook K435

The Kinergy Eco² is a summer tyre that has been developed for modern small, compact and mid-range vehicles. Like its predecessor, which returned very good test results, a focus has been placed on optimising rolling resistance along with a further increase in mileage and noise reduction without compromising a solid performance in wet and dry conditions.

Hankook K424 Widetread Tyres

Hankook K715

The Optimo K715 minimises hydroplaning by employing a pattern design that improves wet driving performance. With an upgraded bead, it also provides excellent cornering and dry driving.

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